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Happy Holidays

Putting the Cart Before the Horse

Shadyside school superintendent Haswell appeared at council wanting the deed to the Hillview area. The proposed new school has not even went to a vote yet. Someone appears to be putting the cart before the horse.


Village Buys $14,000 Drone!!

The Village can't operate the Pauline Swamburg sign, so how are they going to fly an overpriced drone.

Shadyside's Slum Lords

A local slum lord is hard at work building Shadyside's own Japanese style internment camps throughout town.

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Street Sign

Street Sign

Water Pig

Water/Sewer Increase

A 3% icrease pushed.


Tim Merryman and Council Canabalizes Swimming Pool



The Decline of Shadyside

Looking back at 1962

Pipe valve

Basic Service Failure

The condition of our streets, sewers and water is terrible!


3 runs a day??? 

Is the existance of a 'Fire District' justified?

Money Down Toilet

Water to Dilles

BPA wants pump station. Who is paying?

School on top of hill

At It Again! 

History repeats itself. Another attempt to build a school.

Pipe valve

Only My Opinion

Comments, opinions and Bull!


Shadyside Lemmings

A comment about the Levy passed in November.


Hillview Goes Back to Village??

The August 24, 2020 transcript for village council has the village attorney indicating that Hillview Park is to be transferred back to the village.

Taking Picture

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