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Busybodies of Social Media

January 15, 2021

Dogs and cats have been roaming Shadyside forever. Some are let out by the owners to get their daily exercise. Others are left free to travel all the time. When I grew up, it was common to allow your dogs and cats to go in and out freely as it was common to leave your home unlocked. There was no pondering if it was appropriate, you didn't fear the mob. It was a time of simplicity and freedoms. Of course, on the negative side, everyone knew everybody's business in such small towns.

Today, in the world of social media there is a constant barrage of busybodies worrying about everything. The social justice warriors have put their two cents in on everything. And they have turned their attention to the family pet. They track animals throughout the town, posting whereabouts and pictures. It is a shame we couldn't harness that nibbiness in keeping track of a certain foreign granny. That would have made for one impressive early warning system and saved some gardens.

It is sad to see how some these busybodies act and do not use good sense. Just a couple days ago, two dogs were running about town. They were traced from the hillside down to the river. A man mentioned calling the county, stating he would pick them up and that the owners of the dogs were known. Was he the dog catcher and was really a wolf in sheep's clothing? One imbecil called, thinking the county dog catcher was a good idea and would protect and return the dogs like an angel. That's not how it works with county personnel like that. The dog catcher catches and destroys in a short while if the owners don't show, or fines and charges to return animals. How gullible can one be?

Facebook and other sites are giving people false beliefs that they are doing a rightful action. No, you are not. Just keep your nose to yourself and leave the people and their pets alone. I could rant for hours on this subject, but it just gets my blood pressure up. So I end this diatribe.


A Failing System

September 2, 2018

The village's water and sewer system is falling apart while the village puts band aids on it.  


January 15, 2021

The village's busybodies are working overtime on Facebook.