Shadyside, Ohio 43947

Shadyside's New Slumlords

A local slum lord is hard at work building Shadyside's own Japanese style internment camps throughout town.

A local slumlord has recently been throwing up shacks left and right. He has the gall to charge nearly $1000 for rent on each shack.

ApartmentSlumwell and other leaches that have bought property in town have been riding the coat tails of the oil boom. This greed has forced legitimate locals out of fair priced housing or has denied those from here to stay and live locally.

These cracker boxes are renting in the $1000 price range. Before the boom, the same rents went for $200 to $500. Compared to other regions, this equates these slumlords to ticket scalpers. In Columbus, two story townhouses can be rented for the same $1000 range or a little more. And, the Columbus accomodations look better than an Internment camp.

The village council keeps allowing this travesty to continue. Slumwell isn't the only one. Council needs to establish and enforce guidelines for rentals. One slumlord has packed a house so full with workers and their families that it has impacted all nearby. Drug parties, parking wars, etc. has become the norm here.

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